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Right time to let off some steam, although it's laughable really
I posted picture of my bedroom seen below, on my journal the other day purely for my own benefit because i didn't want something sad at the top of my page and my bedroom always makes me smile.
Now its been bought to my attention that my picture was re posted on this site
and that firstly they thought it belongs to poor shadow_of_doubt and that they all anonymously started slagging off the owner of the picture.
Quite rightly shadow_of_doubt set them straight on who the picture belonged to.
Now firstly this is my journal and i will put on here what i please , If you like my journal and we have similar interests and you want to be my friend, then all well and good,I'm all for constructive criticism , every single human being is entitled to his or her own opinion,so i will answer any comments or questions and I'm a really nice person, I promise.
But what does get on my nerves are those people who think they are still in the playground and want to slag you off behind you back and don't even have the guts or respect for you to let you know who they are so that you can reply to them.
So if anyone out there wants to know anything about me just be nice, tell me who you are and ask!!
I'm a hard working single mum bringing up two teenagers on my own, My son has special needs so life on my own with them hasn't always been that easy but us women don't really have the option to walk away do we.I do now and have always worked hard to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.
so the fact that i enjoy having pictures on my bedroom wall is just something i like , somewhere i go at the end of the day to unwind, It doesn't define who i am, or make me weird or a freak as was said on the site .
I really don't want to make my journal friends only but i will if such childish behavior continues,and lastly i don't expect for one single second that anyone on my flist was responsible for re posting my picture and starting the slagging off, I just want to post this and keep it outside a link in hopes that whoever did it sees this
And to end my philosophy in life is that life is way too short to let anyone else tell YOU how to be YOU, i think it's a good thing to remember
And one my parents instilled into me from an early age is
Never treat anyone else how you wouldn't want to be treated.
that's it that's the end of my rant for now
Hugs to all my flist. xxx:D
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my sexy boy


I was lucky enough to see Boyzone in concert some years ago , I loved it and i loved the band, i was so happy when they reformed stronger than ever.Now today I'm just shocked and sad.
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I:m so bloody happy.Yay

I can't actually believe it, Am i dreaming?
I just got a phone call.After nine months of struggling and searching every job site
and applying for every job going.
I'll be on a trial period for four months but oh my god , i can't believe it
I nearly cried when the guy told me my interview had been successful and they were offering ME the position
At last things are looking up for me,

my sexy boy

Writer's Block: The one that got away

Do you believe in the concept of a soulmate? Do you think you've met him or her? Do you ever worry that "the one" got away?

Yes i have a soulmate but we're not together now, predominantly because he's gay, but we are still everything to each other, that one person that neither one of us could cope with not having in their life.The one person we both go straight to if we need a cuddle xx:D
my sexy boy


I was just mucking around with a new camera last night and i took this photo of my daughter with her best friend,Poppy and Jade are both 17 and have been inseparable since they started school at the age of four, boys have come and gone and so have other friends and enemies and they've even had their little scraps but through it all they have still remained bestest friends , poppy is almost like my second daughter she spends so much time in my house, but very soon Poppy is going to bringing a new boy into all our lives, a baby boy named Mackenzie.
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